A journey into the Heart's Cave

A Yoga retreat with Robin Tåg

The Practice

During this weekend Robin will dive into an explorative practice with the intention of bringing new perspectives, freedom and creativity to your yoga as well as new insights about the architecture and the essence of your body.


• The practice of Somatic Meditation in the purpose of truly Inhabiting the internal space of the Body.

• Embodying/Experiencing the Qualities of the Heart: Openheartedness and Clear Sightedness.

• Forgiveness practice in theory and practice.

• The practice of attuning to the felt sense experience of bodily Spaciousness and Integrity.

• Exploration of different movement qualities such as control and fluidity.

• Explore how Shoulder Girdle, Spine and Hip Mobility and Stability can integrate the body as a unit.

• Exploration of the Diaphragm and the breath.

•Exploration of the Functional and Subtle (energetic) Core of the body.

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