Redefining our direction.

We are already well into 2018, and so far we have hosted two beautiful concerts at Antiga Biblioteca Almirall. 2018 is a year in which we will explore new opportunities with professionals who share our vision. We plan to host workshops, cultural gatherings and creative sessions for both companies, individuals and artists.

You may be asking yourself why do we do this? What is the point of sharing our house to create these special events?

We have finally come to realize that opening our house for happenings that are full of meaning is important for us – we want to share this fantastic place.

Until reaching this stage we have tried and failed a lot. Now, in order to be able to keep living in Antiga Biblioteca Almirall and to preserve it the way we have, we think it is important to make a change in what we do. We have to be honest with ourselves. We have to enjoy every single event we host and we want each of them to have an impact.

Small is beautiful.

Small is easier to host. We prefer delivering quality to a small group rather than having a smaller impact on a larger one. We prefer getting to know every single guest instead of not being able to great everyone. We prefer intimacy, privacy and sharing the special feeling of home: for our guests, our partners and ourselves.

Sharing the magic.

We value where we live, the magic the place holds, and the nature that surrounds us. We feel lucky to be where we are and to have what we have. In a city like Barcelona, as in any other big metropolis in the world, people are craving disconnection. And disconnection is what you feel when you enter our little oasis.

A journey guided by passion.

Converting the Antiga Biblioteca Almirall from what it was to what it is today has certainly not been an easy journey. It was definitely not the easiest or safest path. It was, has been and is still is full of uncertainty. But this makes us feel alive – not knowing what’s around the next curve. We value action and taking calculated risks and following hunches of opportunities. And there is a passion in what we do because we enjoy the voyage. And we partner up with those that also are daring to explore new paths and loving what they do.

We think global and act local.

We are Colombian, Norwegian, Catalan, Spanish and from other places we have explored. It does not really matter because we are fortunate to say that we have felt at home in many places in the world where foreign people have welcomed us. People have opened their homes and showed us immense hospitality and care. We know the impact that a host can have on a plan, a mood and even a point of view. We want our impact to be local, but with a global reach. This applies to everything we do - from hosting people, arranging concerts and events and even in the way choose our partners.

If you feel you can somehow connect to our project, please drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.