exquisite blend of the old and new

The result of years of respectful renovation curated with an eye to design and architecture is a versatile multipurpose space, yet a modern and comfortable home. We welcome others, believing that exposing and sharing create synergies and make posible a more interesting and sustainable way of living.

The Classic

respecting the past

The 80 m2 reading room is an elegant, light and open space. It is a room with 5-meters´high walls and natural light from a central skylight in the ceiling. With the 4 cardinal virtues decorating the walls and a beautifully sculptured fireplace, we love to unveil the enigmatic history and secrets of the library.

It now serves as the main living room of the house and it is subject to a continuous interior design process. It is a space to relax, feel inspired and exchange ideas. A perfect setting to hold an out of the ordinary meeting, gathering and concert in a homely yet stylish interior.

the luxury of enjoying privacy and comfort in a unique and homely setting
The magic of an authentic hidden treasure
The Modern

Mediterranean tradition and nordic minimalism

The lower part of the building is the culinary soul of the house. It is a modern open kitchen and dining area that have been carefully designed with a minimalistic yet cozy touch.

We work with chefs and cooks that share our vision, that appreciate simple but delicious food, based on products from the area. It is a space to enjoy gastronomic happenings and enjoy one-to-one conversations with our in-house chefs, but also serves as an extra space to host smaller meetings and workshops.

Nordic minimalism with a mediterranean touch by our architect Carol Iborra
The simplicity of a well designed kitchen is the delight of all our in-house chefs
The Garden

the most unexpected surprise

With spectacular views, the building is surrounded by a garden and a forest with pines and holm oaks. From the swimming pool one can see some of the best sunsets in Barcelona with the skyline of Montserrat on one side and the lighted Temple of Tibidabo on the other.