Sobremesa by
Sunday Suppers

The Fall Edition

Sunday Suppers is a food and design community based in California and New York. Their focus is on seasonal fare and simple, thoughtful living. We'd been following them for a long time, and so when we learned that they were going global with their Sobremesa Dinner Series we got in touch in order to participate. Sobremesa is a global dinner series that launched in the Summer of 2018. Dinners or lunches are held four times a year around the globe. Anyone can partake — the meals are simple and straightforward and celebrate a shared love of food.

In November 2018 we hosted our first Sobremesa lunch for ten guests. We took the opportunity to create something very special and partnered up with different creatives in the city. As we wanted to set a beautiful table that was in tune with Sunday Supper's aesthetics, we asked Manuela Sosa from Gang And The Wool to participate in helping us set the table, and decorating the living room. We also wanted the food to be served in ceramics similar to the tone set by Sunday Suppers, and we were lucky to have Parament Shop's founder lend us all the ceramics that were used. We also wanted to greet guests with a surprising welcome in our living room so we asked Marta Cascales to contribute with her beautiful compositions. We all agreed that we needed wine pairing that was in line with the simplicity and quality reflected in Sunday Supper's menu, so the biodynamic wine house Pares Balta joined us in purveying the wine and making sure every dish was thoughtfully paired with the right wine. Finally, we of course counted with our amazing in-house chef Claudia Pessarrodona, who recreated Sunday Supper's menu in the most authentic and loving way. Thank you to all those who supported this fall edition, and we are back on February 23rd 2019 with the winter edition. Here is a recopilation of our favourite shots by talented Montse Capdevila: